Fresh Grounds Landscapers

Est 2012

Our Story

Fresh Ground Landscapers is a premium Kenyan owned, registered and professional firm that provides the full range of landscape design consultancy, landscape implementation and maintenance.

  • Landscape Design
  • Garden Remodelling
  • Flower planting

Our team brings with it a wealth of experience that extends over a period of 10 years in the industry. Being among the pioneers of landscaping in Kenya, we have played a role in landscape transformations across the nation. Our commitment to construct world class gardens and outdoor spaces assures all our clients quality service

Custom-tailored services are offered by our well trained team, comprising of landscape architects, project managing specialists , supervisors, and skilled artisans, to suit the varying requirement from private clients, housing schemes to hotels and industrial companies, with optimum outcomes.

Fresh Ground Landscapers’ team commitment to provide cutting edge design and expert installation of quality gardens assures clients exceptional satisfaction

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Our design Approach

Acquiring the best landscaping designs involves a combination of creativity, knowledge, and practical skills. It requires a thorough understanding of the site, the client's needs and preferences, and the ability to balance aesthetics with functionality. Working with a skilled landscaping professional or designer can help ensure that your outdoor space is transformed into a beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscape that meets your specific goals and vision.

STAGE 1 - Tender/ Implementation Contract

In this stage, an independent contractor is sought or another agreement is made for the implementation of the project

STAGE 2 - Site analyses & Design concept

The stage involves brief appraisals, data verifications and site analyses. The data and research is then synthesized and converted into concept design.

STAGE 3 - Development/Detailed design

This stage entails Development of the concept. It includes construction details and other working drawings

STAGE 4 - Project Execution

A work program is issued and actual work is done on site as per the developed drawing, close coordination between the client and contractor is essential to amend any detail as work progresses

STAGE 5 - Completion and Defect Liability

After project completion the site is maintained for an agreed time to ensure all systems are working properly and the landscape establishes to acceptable level